Friday, September 14th

It occurs to me that as soon as I make my mind up about something, I change it. THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE. I remember laughing with a co-worker a long time ago when she said, “if you ignore an email in your inbox long enough, it becomes obsolete.” While I don’t think that’s the best way to go about business, there is truth to it.

I self-edited Yoga Prayers this week and am talking to an editor today. It’s surreal that this thing might actually happen. I’ve been working on this book off and on for about four years now, maybe longer. It’s taken shape, changed a few times, then taken a different shape. It’s something else entirely today and TBH (to be honest), it kinda scares the crap out of me. While the framework is still the 8 Limbs of Yoga, there’s memoir built in. I do have a story to tell. I hope my editor can help me hone the story better than I have so far.

My newest obsession is visual note taking, after seeing the creations at Content Marketing World last week. As an avid bullet journaler, creating visual notes feels more authentic and like something I’ll revisit more regularly than regular notes. I’m practicing the ‘art’ in my bullet journal.

QUICK FACT: I can read 200 books in a year if I commit to 8 hours of reading each week. Totally doable. I can’t remember where I read it, but here is the breakdown:

  • Books average 50,000 words
  • 200 books therefore = 10 million words
  • 10 million words / 400 words per minute = 25,000 minutes per year
  • 25,000 minutes  / 60 = 417 hours per year
  • 417 / 12 = 34.75 hours per month
  • 34.75 / 4.3 (average weeks in a month) = 8.08

Happy Friday!


Raining Again


Sunday * TWO

  1. I don’t have to go anywhere. I don’t have to go anywhere. I don’t have to go anywhere!
  2. Laundry.
  3. Morning writing. I Can Do Hard Things. A lot came up for me on that one.
  4. Leisure reading.
  5. An Instagram post after almost a month hiatus. What is the appropriate time and rate of sharing? Why do I care?
  6. He spent the earlier part of the day down at the garage after running Sunday errands. I had the house to myself with the dogs in the quiet.
  7. Completing necessary work. Booked hotel. Excited for this work week after all of the learning last week.
  8. I think our level of maturity is measured by the things people do to us against our reaction to those things and the continued treatment we give them, especially people who are supposed to love us most.
  9. A new book is percolating but I’ve got to finish the first one first. Why am I procrastinating so much?
  10. Browns vs. Steelers: tied at 21. I’m a fan of neither but it was a great game.
  11. He made dinner for me both nights this weekend.

A Rainy September Saturday


Saturday * ONE

  1. I finally slept well. At hOMe.
  2. Thankful. We cleaned together: countertops, toilets, floors, baseboards.
  3. Wanted to stay home but errands needed completed — Office Max, Hobby Lobby, Kroger, and I stopped to get egg bites and an iced green tea from Starbucks. Home well before the game started.
  4. Rejuvenated in my writing life.
  5. Sketchnotes.
  6. Conscious Journaling.
  7. OSU v Rutgers
  8. Taco salad.
  9. Again I ponder why ‘recording life’ is so important to me. It very much is. This blog is for me, as I watch my ever changing journey unfold.
  10. She called midday. Blessed.
  11. Football, HGTV, reading and note taking.

H I !   I ‘ M   H E A T H E R   S A G E .

Life changes all the time. It’s the only constant. Beautiful, mundane, joyful, awful, insightful, random, the way things move through.

My practice here is of ‘recording life’ so I can watch it move.

The name of this blog, on the 19, is where most of life takes place, where I muse about being human.


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