The Third of August, Two Zero One Eight

FOUR * Friday

  1. Objectivity and learning to view life artistically. The art of writing. I struggle. It’s important to me but I wonder if anything I have to say is useful. I think it is but need to work on tone and style.
  2. I like writing in list format. 11 things. 11 is a Master Number. Perhaps I can master things this way.
  3. Learning to live from the soul’s perspective. It’s a practice. I’ve not yet mastered it. I probably never will. I don’t think I’m supposed to but I’m practicing.
  4. “I never could’ve done it without you, mom.” Words I’ve been wanting to hear for a very long time. Being her best friend is all I want as she moves into adulthood.
  5. Our first morning glory bloomed this morning or perhaps its the first I’ve noticed.
  6. A cardinal flitted about as I wrote my Morning Pages. Is that a synchronicity of what’s to come? It’s a story I’ll be writing about at soul fabric.
  7. me: ‘night babe. what an amazing day.’ 10:06p. her: ‘can I call you?’ 10:57p. me: ‘I was sleeping. up now’ 6:18a. her: ‘I’ll call you here soon’ 8:38a. She calls at 9:56a. She tells me more synchronous news.
  8. I love that Bodhi lays on my feet. I think I am his human.
  9. Lots of animal symbols on my hike today.
  10. I don’t like how I feel when I’m around her and I feel bad about it. Everything feels forced, and I sense she merely tolerates me. I wish it wasn’t like this.. I wish I could just relax into how it is with her, let it go. I need to look at this situation from the soul’s perspective.
  11. Butterflies are EVERYWHERE.

Photo by Ryan Jacques on Unsplash