The Last Day of August

Friday * FIVE

  1. I can’t believe its the last day of August.
  2. Writing for work – blogs and an email. I love my job.
  3. I hope these new work projects catapult me to a new level professionally. I’ve never produced a video before and I hope it works the way we want it too.
  4. Want to get back to memoir writing but work is consuming me right now.
  5. Its nice only having to switch between a few similar gears instead of all of the (very) different ones I used to have to switch between.
  6. Ordinary is underrated. Why do so many seek sensationalism?
  7. He worked late. I grabbed dinner at Strong & Co. with the Gibbs.
  8. I feel like I look good.
  9. I should work away from home on Fridays so I don’t want to go anywhere in the evening. I wanted to get out tonight.
  10. Should not have drank last glass of wine.
  11. In bed around 10p.