Take the Good with the Bad

Monday * SEVEN

  1. Early to rise. Tea outside with the dogs and a pep talk.
  2. I cherish morning quietude. I don’t like it when there’s little of it, but me liking things isn’t a life prerequisite.
  3. Gift bags, wild flowers, veggies and eggs for co-workers.
  4. Loathe small talk.
  5. Why do I always feel so uncomfortable when too many people are around, when I must make conversation? Lesson: take the good with the bad.
  6. Quick dinner, work tasks from Starbucks for a few hours in the afternoon before picking her up.
  7. She’s happy to see me. I’m overjoyed to spend time with her.
  8. Pedicures and massage chairs make Mondays much better.
  9. I want to hang out but I’m so tired. It’s been a long day. A quick trip around the mall is it.
  10. Constant texts from (a different) her at home. I’m annoyed. I say nothing to him. I can sense he knows. Why is this my life? Lesson: take the good with the bad.
  11. Fast asleep as soon as the head hits the pillow.