Seeking Balance

Wednesday * NINE

  1. Back to Bloomington.
  2. Productivity. Creating. Writing.
  3. Seeking balance — doing and being, writing and reading, giving and taking. Always seeking balance.
  4. Sea salt hair.
  5. Moving away from ideas that don’t resonate. soulfabric changed focus today.
  6. Everything changes. All. the. time.
  7. 4:16p. Anxiously awaiting news.
  8. Ideas are currency. I feel broke.
  9. 5:11. Nothing. I text. A response but no news. I’m frustrated so I rant in my journal. It helps. I begin to read one of my new magazines then go inside to make a quick dinner. The driveway alarm sounds; an unexpected guest. I go out to retrieve Maya.
  10. I settle back in to read, hoping she’ll call when she gets home.
  11. Thank God for wine.