THREE * Thursday

  1. Slow morning. Tired. Foggy head until afternoon.
  2. Spicy tuna, sweet midget pickles, crackers with goat cheese and tomatoes. For breakfast.
  3. Large black butterfly with blue tipped wings slowly flapping her wings in the driveway. Two other smaller butterflies. Synchronicity.
  4. The necessity of doing uncomfortable things.
  5. Crows, crickets, an owl, morning dove … the continual harmony of many birds as the day moves along.
  6. Conversations about her energy last night. I’m happy she’s no longer in my life. I feel sorry for her too.
  7. A midday text with my girl, a smile and a few tears. She’s beautiful. She has her whole life ahead of her. I am blessed and forever grateful that she’s MY daughter.
  8. A call shortly thereafter. News. The best news. News we’ve been waiting for. Making it official next week.
  9. Maya snuggled at my left hip.
  10. A call from the podiatrist for the bone spur on my left foot between my big and second toes.
  11. How much life is changing — all to help me.