Rabbit Rabbit September 2018

Saturday * THREE

  1. Slept in while he took Haize to get stitches removed.
  2. Slow morning. Slight headache. Neck feels stiff.
  3. I can do better.
  4. Morning journaling.
  5. Continuing to cut through the lies and misperceptions of self through reflective writing. I can’t imagine not writing. It enhances my life and helps me understand more than I would otherwise.
  6. Grilled cheese, reminds me of mom.
  7. OSU v. Oregon State, from home, just he and I.
  8. Taking care of Pugsy and Ellie.
  9. Chill day. Football, HGTV and mala making.
  10. Bed at 10p.
  11. Didn’t sleep well. Ready for Sunday.