Pay Attention to the Details

Saturday * ONE

  1. Last night. Finding more ease in the quiet with him. He’s family and also a stranger.
  2. I often imagine life one way, want it a certain way (often relative to my own selfish whims) then change to accommodate others.
  3. Eggs, BLTs, potato salad, corn chips and salsa. Its easy being with them and I like being hospitable.
  4. They go off on a fishing. I stay home and read.
  5. Obsessed with learning the techniques of writing memoir.
  6. A trip to Barnes & Noble to buy a few items for my research library: a new dictionary/thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, atlas, compendium of quotes.
  7. They’re home when I arrive home. We unload groceries, eat wings and I reorganize my simple office.
  8. A beautiful new memoir notebook. Writing by hand.
  9. Pinot Grigio. Conversation.
  10. Bed at midnight.
  11. Sound sleep.