Moving to the Next Bullet Journal

I’ve been bullet journaling since before it was even called that, keeping notebooks for years, and pre-digital age I always kept a paper calendar. I’m so glad I discovered #bujo-ing. It’s definitely helped me stay on task, plan for the future and write every day. For me, the tactile feel of paper and writing with pen/pencil is grounding and soothing. As we move into August, I’m transitioning to my third bullet journal this year.

What is a bullet journal?

Essentially it’s just a notebook that you set up any way you want. The original concept was coined by Ryder Carroll and you can learn a little more about him and how it all started here.

My bullet journal changes all the time but it always changes to reflect my needs (and whims). In it I keep some sort of calendar page, whether it be daily or weekly.

I keep track of work. I journal. I sketch.

I also take notes about things I’m learning.

I dream a little bit.