Tuesday * SIX

  1. 6:24a meditation. Couldn’t stay still.
  2. Words. The way she strings thoughts, feelings, emotions and life events together is masterful, and none of it linear. True genius. I must take a class with her.
  3. You are not your urges — a great blog post by Matt Kahn. This is the world we live in, learning to be different.
  4. Today’s mood is the complete opposite of yesterday’s. Yesterday I cried many times, could not separate my emotions from my being — they swallowed me. Today I felt happy.
  5. Still, I must find ease.
  6. 4:16p. Hi mom.
  7. A long productive work day.
  8. Cool evening air, crickets, Bodhi dropping his ball in my lap. Wine for me, beer and a cigar for him. A nice evening at hOMe.
  9. The chickens ate an egg again. Please not again.
  10. Just want to read.
  11. Bodhi skipping.