I Made It Through the Last Two Days

Tuesday * EIGHT

  1. Mornings should be sacred but life dictates otherwise.
  2. Heath texts back. I’m happy we can do something nice for dad. I can’t imagine what his life is like without her, but as a family we never talk about matters of the heart. Hugging should be natural. It’s not.
  3. I feel pretty today.
  4. We do things because and in spite of our families. Generations learn from each other – what to do, and what not to do. Collectively we heal.
  5. The parking garage is full. I walk about seven blocks in high heels. It’s fine. I feel confident when I arrive at the meeting. I rehearsed on the way. I have words prepared but don’t have to use them and I am relieved.
  6. The meeting passes quickly. Lunch is good. I wish I had more to talk with him about. I respect him very much but we don’t connect easily.
  7. I accomplish a lot this afternoon. I feel useful.
  8. I stop at the magazine rack on the way out; so many choices. I buy six.
  9. I muse about writing more magazine articles.
  10. We set stones in place of flags. The landscape is already starting to thin out, thankfully just a little but it won’t be long.
  11. The sun sets as I write.