Homemade Laundry Soap

Thursday * ONE

  1. Homemade laundry soap: one lavender, one wild orange, one patchouli and one lime. The laundry room smells amazing.
  2. Inviting laughter.
  3. Time to read.
  4. From happy and talkative last night to grumpy and curt this morning. I should have known better.
  5. Cool evening air as I sit on the front porch. I grab a blanket and a scarf.
  6. We are all just wingin it, some better than others.
  7. We decide our attitudes and demeanor.
  8. Solitude. Quietude.
  9. “Stop asking for permission.”
  10. Working through the issues — vanity and perfectionism.
  11. Texting with my brother. I didn’t screw this thing up. In fact I did pretty well. Why do I always seek validation?