Excited for my First Content Marketing World

Tuesday * SIX

  1. One year ago today, but I won’t be sad. Everything is here to help me.
  2. Tea, morning chores, then conference bound.
  3. Breathe by Kate Bishop on the three hour drive.
  4. Arrived with plenty of time to acclimate myself to surroundings.
  5. Hotel is nice but I wish it was closer to event venue.
  6. Lunch before first session was yummy, deviled eggs and a cheese plate.
  7. Met up with Patrice directly after. Two glasses of Pinot and great conversation.
  8. Walk back to hotel. Heinen’s grocery store … tea, honey, milk … my ritual. Must ground myself each morning. Indians game at home within eyeshot of hotel. Beautiful night.
  9. Hotel pizza.
  10. Finished LEDO Update, just waiting on header and news details.
  11. Bed at 11p but didn’t sleep great.