Easy Sunday

Sunday * FOUR

  1. Sleeping in while he tends to his Sunday morning chores.
  2. Quietude with the dogs on the front deck.
  3. Reflective writing.
  4. A three mile hike. Energized.
  5. The smell of laundry.
  6. ‘Date day,’ … Dankhouse Brewery, Longhorn Steakhouse, TJ Maxx, Lowes.
  7. We hang the last outdoor speaker and wire the rest of the box inside. Something is wrong with the exterior sound.
  8. This sense of uneasiness with life, feelings I didn’t experience at younger ages.
  9. I can’t hang. In bed by 9p. He stayed to try to figure sound system out.
  10. Oh my goodness, these sheets and new pillows.
  11. Dreams and peaceful slumber.