Critical Thinking

Wednesday * SEVEN

  1. Woke to dreams of two men in my life — one past, one present. Out of reach and out of character. Interesting. Pondering how to piece the symbolism together.
  2. He and I together in the early morning. I’m lucky. So is he. Must not ever take it for granted.
  3. Flitting. It’s easy to let life pull me in unintentional directions; in fact, sometimes I don’t notice until much later.
  4. Yoga Prayers. Must prioritize today.
  5. It’s cool this morning but pleasant. Must stay here instead of projecting into the future.
  6. Time slips easily.
  7. Chemical peel; my skin is beginning to look and feel amazing.
  8. 12:12, 4:16, 5:55, 6:24
  9. She called many times: early morning, on the drive home, again. GIF texts.
  10. Rising Park. Woman colleague conversation.
  11. I love how passionate Kevin is, and how much he makes me think.