Catch Up Saturday

Saturday * EIGHT

  1. $15,900 … they really didn’t make that much off of me.
  2. Owners manual reading, Uconnect and Apple Car Play.
  3. Exterior speakers and volume controls at hOMe.
  4. Dinner with Rhodes at Strong & Co.
  5. Databasics for the month.
  6. She showed up. I’m glad she finally doesn’t affect me the way she used to. He actually said goodbye directly to me.
  7. Its funny how we wrap ourselves up in friendships and how much we grieve when ties are cut. I’m such a different person than I was when we were all friends.
  8. I love who I am today.
  9. Front deck sitting.
  10. Bodhi is a good boy; he’s my boy.
  11. Bed together.