An Out-of-Sorts Kinda Sunday


  1. Lazy morning.
  2. Tired. Unmotivated.
  3. Journaling. I couldn’t do much personal writing this week.
  4. Obligatory house cleaning — countertops, floors, bathrooms.
  5. The air is thick and hot. We are nearing the end of this season.
  6. As I watch my husband at the kitchen island work on random tasks I think how in love with him I am. I chose well for myself.
  7. Cooking food for a few nights this week: chicken and potatoes. I’ll add sides each night.
  8. Today I just sat and did nothing for an hour; it was the first time I did that in a while.
  9. Feeling out of sorts the whole day.
  10. Writing a letter to Marie.
  11. Bed early.