An Introvert and Her ‘Friends’

According to every MBTI test I’ve ever taken, I’m an INFJ type — the rarest of all coming in at 1% of the population. I follow a few INF blogs, as well as the #INFJ hashtag on Instagram and always get a good chuckle — at myself.

As an INFJ, I need a fair amount of alone time to play well with others and that time is spent doing a variety of things, some of which you read here about.

I’m interested in all things related to the human condition, and I read a ton.

I’m also a yoga teacher and spend a lot of time researching things about the practice, as well as the philosophy behind it.

I draw, make jewelry, cook and bake (on occasion, certainly not as much as my husband would like), listen to embodiment and numerology podcasts, hike most days, write, journal, blog …

And by the way, I love people, conversation, good wine and laughter. I’m not always alone. It just must be interspersed quite a bit into days of socialization. I know when I’m moving out of balance.

The pictures above are of my ‘creativity closet,’ the place J has banished my books to, otherwise they would be all over the house. THEY WERE ALL OVER THE HOUSE FOR A LONG TIME. My art supplies, yoga props, sewing machine and other creative things are in here too. As an introvert, I like to call these items ‘friends’ of mine. They are all just things, but they give life a little perspective.