A Rainy September Saturday


Saturday * ONE

  1. I finally slept well. At hOMe.
  2. Thankful. We cleaned together: countertops, toilets, floors, baseboards.
  3. Wanted to stay home but errands needed completed — Office Max, Hobby Lobby, Kroger, and I stopped to get egg bites and an iced green tea from Starbucks. Home well before the game started.
  4. Rejuvenated in my writing life.
  5. Sketchnotes.
  6. Conscious Journaling.
  7. OSU v Rutgers
  8. Taco salad.
  9. Again I ponder why ‘recording life’ is so important to me. It very much is. This blog is for me, as I watch my ever changing journey unfold.
  10. She called midday. Blessed.
  11. Football, HGTV, reading and note taking.