A Big Day

Friday * TWO

  1. 6:24a. Meditation. Must make this a priority every day. Quietude is good but it’s not the same as meditation. Sitting. Staying. Observing.
  2. Feeling accomplished before 9a.
  3. Glazed salmon, herb mashed potatoes, mixed veggies. Iced non-fat chai latte.
  4. My first massage in months.
  5. 3:16p text “committed” … She did it. She’s playing D1 softball.
  6. Several calls with her. No trip next weekend + a change to the birthday trip. Not pissed, hurt. Always secondary.
  7. I choose not to talk with her about it. It does no good. The statement “paybacks are hell” slips back into my psyche from the past. Those are words I’ll never say to anyone because I know how they feel hearing them.
  8. Learning to keep my mouth shut. Emotions are hard to navigate but they do come and go as quickly as the wind.
  9. Passport arrives, “adventure awaits” I text.
  10. I wonder what he’s up to.
  11. Our lives are made up of moments. How do we fully live in them? Do we really want to? What if the memories are as good or better than the moments themselves?