51 Years

Saturday * THREE

  1. My parents would have been married 51 years today.
  2. We take dad to lunch. He asks if we know what happened 51 years ago. ‘Yes,’ we all reply. Tears fill his eyes.
  3. My girl and I head out directly after lunch … Muncie, Indiana
  4. The drive is easy. We have much to talk about.
  5. I reschedule her birthday trip to accommodate the Ball State recruit schedule that weekend.
  6. What a beautiful campus! She’s in love.
  7. Selfies.
  8. A drive. Dick’s. Panera take out.
  9. We find a Comfort Inn … long check-in because computer is down.
  10. Funny movies. Upcoming trip planning. Laughing. Bed at midnight.
  11. 1:44a an unexpected knock at the door.