30 July 2018


  1. Trip to the family doctor first thing Monday morning: a dull ache in my left foot. X-rays. Bone spur.
  2. Passport application. Where will life take me?
  3. A summer tuna pita and lemony kale salad with pine nuts.
  4. Lynda WordPress training.
  5. I’ve never seen a chipmunk here before.
  6. Evening angst. Unconscious scrolling. Comparison. Aging.
  7. A late night text from my girl — Kermit, the frog. She cracks herself up.
  8. Starting a new bullet journal.
  9. Marley is five.
  10. New perspectives. I’m more judgmental than I’d like to believe. I don’t like it. Writing. Explore the depths. Invite change.
  11. STORYTELLING is everything.