” o n    t h e    1 9 ”  . . .   a simple phrase that became the name of our hOMe on 19 acres in   p e r r y   c o u n t y ,   o h i o


HISTORY …  Orchard Street Farm is the name we lovingly gave our 1/8 acre homestead (and this site) as we began scheming and planning our eventual wellness business with plans for a small greenhouse and family farm on a much larger scale and landscape. On a tiny lot on Orchard Street, in a rural village of less than 5000, we started our adventures in family farming. Initially growing seeds indoors, plants on our 12′ x  16′ deck and in containers around the property; we started canning and boldly transitioned to keeping chickens. We were learning new skills every day, and then we bought ‘the 19.’

In July 2014, we finally did it; purchasing just shy of 19 ACRES outside of a neighboring village. The majority of the property is wooded, which we love. A small section of the land was cleared prior to our taking ownership, but it was raw and unworked. We are currently working on turning our 18.96 acres into a wellness business and family farm that includes yoga and holistic health offerings, and a much larger (and less spread out) garden and greenhouse business with all kinds of veggies and flowers. We are again raising chickens, and will soon add goats to the mix.

This site simply chronicles where we were, where we are now and where we hope to be someday. We closed on the 19 when J was working in North Carolina. He’s since been in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio (too far to drive home each day), Texas, Louisiana, Maryland and Virginia. It’s our story. It’s about the 19, but it’s also about our life together … staying together while working and living apart at times, our travel adventures and watching our daughter grow up. It’s also about things we find inspiring as we develop our new property, wellness business and home!


Welcome to our journey.


J & H at Full SteamWe are the Church Family – Jarred, Heather and Maddie. J is a surveyor and green thumb extraordinaire, H is a yoga & pranayama teacher, writer and online media consultant, and M is a very excited and busy teen scholar athlete. This site chronicles our adventure. 

A final note: Since our journey began on Orchard Street but is developing elsewhere, you’ll notice inconsistencies in the site name – orchardstreetfarm.com and onthe19.com. We began growing the site on the former but have renamed it the latter. We had many names in mind … Bliss Acres, Rolling Hills Farm, and Spring Hill Farm were a few ideas, but none of them resonated. Meanwhile J started calling our place “the 19” and I began referring to it as such on social media. It stuck enough for other people to ask, “how’s the 19 coming along?”

SERVICES … In addition to the farm, I’m offering private yoga and small group classes in my quaint hOMe studio, as well as larger events on our deck in the warmer months. We will also be holding classes and events related to the farm and holistic health (think garden growing education, locally sourcing food, living simplistically/holistically, juicing, etc.), and other classes related to movement, embodied awareness, fitness, etc. ‘The 19’ is the driving force and ultimate platform for this vision. I feel excited and empowered to teach people what we’ve been blessed by. In the meantime, enjoy our journey. We are!

Happiness and optimal health is our birthright.

Food is medicine. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!

We can and should nourish ourselves daily with whole physical food and primary food (other aspects of life that nourishes us).

It’s not hard to grow your own food – and it’s so much better for you than store-bought!

If you don’t have the time or resources to grow your own, source it locally. My hope is that the 19 becomes the source of wholesome, fresh food for many of our friends and neighbors for years to come!