Embodied Writing

Thursday * EIGHT

  1. This. “Forward. Through the lens of HER life, not backward through the lens of mine.” Healing words.
  2. Some read to escape reality. I read to learn, to become more fully alive and to integrate the lessons into my being.
  3. Procrastination, and always with things I want to do, things that are important to me personally. There’s a story here.
  4. The air is thick and damp today. Still, I’m sitting in the garage with the dogs. Frizzy hair.
  5. My face hurts but I think it was worth it yesterday.
  6. A cream sweater, my mom’s. It’s August.
  7. Another call on her way home. My heart.
  8. Finishing before starting something new.
  9. He acts like we don’t feed him.
  10. 4:44p. Three cardinals today.
  11. A baby bird, from the nest under the deck?

Critical Thinking

Wednesday * SEVEN

  1. Woke to dreams of two men in my life — one past, one present. Out of reach and out of character. Interesting. Pondering how to piece the symbolism together.
  2. He and I together in the early morning. I’m lucky. So is he. Must not ever take it for granted.
  3. Flitting. It’s easy to let life pull me in unintentional directions; in fact, sometimes I don’t notice until much later.
  4. Yoga Prayers. Must prioritize today.
  5. It’s cool this morning but pleasant. Must stay here instead of projecting into the future.
  6. Time slips easily.
  7. Chemical peel; my skin is beginning to look and feel amazing.
  8. 12:12, 4:16, 5:55, 6:24
  9. She called many times: early morning, on the drive home, again. GIF texts.
  10. Rising Park. Woman colleague conversation.
  11. I love how passionate Kevin is, and how much he makes me think.


Tuesday * SIX

  1. 6:24a meditation. Couldn’t stay still.
  2. Words. The way she strings thoughts, feelings, emotions and life events together is masterful, and none of it linear. True genius. I must take a class with her.
  3. You are not your urges — a great blog post by Matt Kahn. This is the world we live in, learning to be different.
  4. Today’s mood is the complete opposite of yesterday’s. Yesterday I cried many times, could not separate my emotions from my being — they swallowed me. Today I felt happy.
  5. Still, I must find ease.
  6. 4:16p. Hi mom.
  7. A long productive work day.
  8. Cool evening air, crickets, Bodhi dropping his ball in my lap. Wine for me, beer and a cigar for him. A nice evening at hOMe.
  9. The chickens ate an egg again. Please not again.
  10. Just want to read.
  11. Bodhi skipping.

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