Tuesday * SIX

  1. 6:24a meditation. Couldn’t stay still.
  2. Words. The way she strings thoughts, feelings, emotions and life events together is masterful, and none of it linear. True genius. I must take a class with her.
  3. You are not your urges — a great blog post by Matt Kahn. This is the world we live in, learning to be different.
  4. Today’s mood is the complete opposite of yesterday’s. Yesterday I cried many times, could not separate my emotions from my being — they swallowed me. Today I felt happy.
  5. Still, I must find ease.
  6. 4:16p. Hi mom.
  7. A long productive work day.
  8. Cool evening air, crickets, Bodhi dropping his ball in my lap. Wine for me, beer and a cigar for him. A nice evening at hOMe.
  9. The chickens ate an egg again. Please not again.
  10. Just want to read.
  11. Bodhi skipping.

Monday * FIVE

  1. Texts last night, bending plans for others, frustration, feeling sad upon waking.
  2. I can still sleep though. For the most part I’m blessed with sound sleep.
  3. 6:24a somatic meditation.
  4. Mad, sad, frustrated, confused, feeling used. I can’t fix this.
  5. Productive Monday.
  6. My first spray tan.
  7. Anxiety. Tears.
  8. He hugs me so tightly. I cry more.
  9. Working late.
  10. She calls. Acknowledges parts of my feelings. Small victories.
  11. Mantra Wellness. The Flower Patch.

So Much Joy

Sunday * FOUR

  1. Sleeping in is ❥ ❥ ❥
  2. She doesn’t want me to leave the room. Last night has us both a little sideways.
  3. Starbucks together. Existing together.
  4. More sightseeing, pics and boomerangs. She’s so cute.
  5. I get more hugs than I’ve had in a while. I feel so much love.
  6. I’m happy to see him when I get home, like really happy. More hugs.
  7. Anxiety, the same way I felt each time he left for work. It’s her this time.
  8. Porch sitting, pizza, conversation and laughing.
  9. She wants to change the dates again.
  10. Ready for bed at dark. Going to bed at dark.
  11. Fresh sheets.

H I !   I ‘ M   H E A T H E R   S A G E .

namaste, heather

Years ago, when I began teaching yoga, I started a blog called namasteheather, named after my classic signature, namaste, heather. ✒︎ Clever, right? I wrote there for years then started to get more serious about writing and let it go. I’m so sad I did that! I would have over a decade of posts by now.

Life changes all the time. It’s the only constant.

I’m not teaching as much and am again drawn to blogging as a creative outlet. Medium has it’s place and I write there fairly often, but this is my place to write personally, a place to record the ways life is moving, and the things i’m learning — here and at soul fabric.

The 19 is our hOMe and this site simply chronicles life here. The topics are all over the place, but they are all things that interest me so I write about them. I hope you enjoy — and please say hello!